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Sound Healing
Group Sound Therapy

Therapist Biography

I’m Carly. I weave together sound healing, reiki, yoga, and creative practice into playful and restful experiences for inner reflection and self-expression. I create grounding and embodied spaces to connect you to your inner wisdom and creative essence.

By working with me one-to-one, you receive an experience that meets you where you are in the moment. I work intuitively to bring together the practical and the mystical to support your nervous system and to activate your body’s natural healing abilities. I can support you in exploring specific situations, narratives, or limiting beliefs, or simply create a space for you to rest and receive.

Sound healing and reiki can offer benefits to you on a physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual level, and may support you with:

– healing your inner child by shifting narratives

– transitioning into a new career or lifestyle change

– exploring resistances and limiting belief patterns

– managing your emotions

– regulating your nervous system

– processing loss and grief

– ease the effects of stress & burnout

– managing physical pain

– finding inspiration & tapping into your creativity, amongst many other things.

With my background as an artist and creative facilitator, I’m passionate about helping people rediscover their creativity as a way to deeper their connection to themselves. I have extensive experience facilitating groups in wellbeing, educational, and cultural (museum and arts) settings, with people of all ages.

What is Sound Healing?

Sound is vibratory energy that has the quality of being able to penetrate all levels of our being; our physical body, thoughts and emotions, and our connection to spirit (that elusive sense of something bigger than ourselves). Humans have used sound as a healing modality across cultures for thousands of years. In sound healing practices, therapeutic instruments and the voice are used to encourage the mind and body to enter a meditative state, through which comes deep rest. Therapeutic sound can support many aspects of your life, for example, it may help to process emotions, gain insight on challenges, manage physical health conditions and pain, or explore resistances and limiting beliefs, so that you may find ways to release and move into flow.

What is Group Sound Therapy?

Sound offers a powerful way to explore resistances and transform them, so that me may find release and return to a feeling of flow in our lives. Group Sound Therapy is a non-talking form of therapy that combines sound with self-reflection techniques to enable participants to explore challenges, resistances or limiting beliefs, and discover insights from within themselves. Sessions range from relaxational sound baths and drum journeys to participatory soundscape workshops.