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I have almost 20 years’ experience in Devon and Cornwall of developing my own potential, and helping others to seek and meet theirs. After starting my own journey as a client, my knowledge, beliefs and philosophy towards therapy is that we are always affected and influenced by our early environments and that the mindset, attitudes, beliefs, and habits we develop at this point, can travel with us into our adulthoods, acting as ‘unconscious drivers’ that are behind the wheel of a car that then becomes our lives.

This affects how we treat our bodies, how we treat others, who we imagine we can be, what we imagine we can do, and even informs our choices about the people we fall in love with. Hopefully, if we are really lucky, we start to fall apart (as I did many years ago), and this emotional unravelling gives us the opportunity to pause, to reconfigure and recalibrate into who we were supposed to be, if we had been left to grow organically into ‘ourselves’. When we have had to struggle to keep our heads above water, or had parents/carers who have had to do the same, this process gets stalled, and we become busy with surviving, rather than thriving, and becoming a fully developed authentic individual gets sidelined so we can function in whatever world we are existing in.

But please be ready that this is not a process that takes 6 weeks (usual NHS allocation), and it takes time, commitment, and courage to observe and examine who we have become, decluttering the profound experiences of our pasts, and learning to live a life where we are kinder to ourselves. If you are ready and able to start this sometimes painful, sometimes amazing, always liberating process, please get in touch.

How I can help you

If after a free no-obligation 30-minute Zoom we feel that we are a therapeutic match, I will see you at the comfortable and accessible Dragonfly Wellbeing Centre in Mutley, Plymouth on a weekly basis (other than illness and holidays). I usually try to encourage people to make it the same day/time each week to develop routine, in the same way that we might go to a gym…it just becomes a part of a psychological and emotional workout, attending to the muscles of the mind and personality, rather than body. However, I also understand this is not always achievable and will do my best to be flexible.

If the time in your life is right for you, I will sit across from you, listening carefully and empathically, but under the surface I am busy pulling together the story of your life so far, making lots of notes as you delve deeper into yourself but always remaining connected to you. Over the weeks, as we both get to know you better, I will offer subtle ways to open-up your awareness, support you in the moment to process your experiences and move forward, and recalibrate from your past in a way that supports you to make more authentic and better-informed decisions for your future. 

I offer 55 minute and 1½ hour sessions (for those who have already done some earlier therapy), and together, we can stop the outside world (in warm, comfortable surroundings) to hone in on your past and present challenges; to make more sense of them, to recover from them, and to develop latent aspects of your personality, potential and life that might have gotten paused along the way. 


  • Master’s Degree in Psychotherapy (Bath Spa)
  • Postgraduate Diploma in ‘Contemporary Identities’ (Bristol)
  • Advanced Specialist Diploma in Psychotherapy (Distinction)
  • Advanced Diploma in Counselling
  • Bsc 1st Class (Hons) Social Science
  • Chartered Management Institute Certificate in Coaching and Mentoring
  • DipHE Social Work
  • Numerous CPD courses on a continual basis

How to contact me

Mobile: 07717 281067
Email: [email protected]