Dr Mark Worthington

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Therapies Offered

Psychodynamic Therapy

Therapist Biography

As a clinical psychologist experienced in working with trauma and severe and enduring difficulties that might attract all kinds of psychiatric diagnoses, I recognise that understanding your unique circumstances and experiences is key to developing a sense of recovery (or perhaps discovery) and a better future. I can offer consultation sessions to help you begin to understand your situation usefully, and to develop ideas about how things might be different for you. We may decide to work together in therapy to develop a deeper understanding of your overwhelming emotional experiences, and we can also consider new opportunities and perhaps new skills that might help you to move forward with your life, according to your personal goals and values. My training and experience allow me to recognise a range of support that you might need to move on, and if necessary I will signpost you to other professionals and supportive opportunities that you might benefit from. I am trained and experienced in a range of therapeutic models and in integrating a range of approaches to meet your individual needs. In particular, I draw upon psychodynamic, cognitive and behavioural (CBT), dialect-behavioural (DBT), systemic, schema-focused, cognitive-analytic, and compassionate mind approaches. My professional experience is in working in the NHS as Principal Clinical Psychologist within the local Community Mental Health Teams and the local Primary Care Mental Health Team, and I have now been working in the psychology profession for over 20 years. Please contact me so that we can begin thinking together about your current support needs and how I might be able to help you in your journey.