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End Of Year Round-Up 2023 – Our First Year! 

In this blog, we caught up with Elizabeth Firman, Owner and counsellor at Dragonfly Well-Being Centre, in an End-of-Year 2023 Round-up.

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Dragonfly Well-Being Centre in 2023

In 2023, Dragonfly Well-Being Centre’s most notable accomplishment was establishing Dragonfly Well-Being Centre! I am incredibly proud of how the well-being centre has flourished in its first year and given help and solace to so many people. From a professional standpoint, the most significant milestone and noteworthy event that I am excited to share is this year’s expansion from an individual venture to a collaborative effort, with a team of approximately 18 dedicated members.

This growth not only transformed the business structure, but also created a warm and inviting environment for self-employed well-being professionals. Beyond fostering a community of practitioners, we have successfully created a culture centred around holistic wellness, instilling a genuine passion for well-being. This development reflects our commitment to providing a friendly and open space, whilst nurturing a genuine enthusiasm for overall health and wellness for mind, body and soul.

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Welcoming Our Team of Self-Employed Well-Being Professionals

I would like to extend a warm welcome to the entire team, and all those who have supported and believed in me. I am deeply grateful for your unwavering support in helping me establish the Dragonfly Well-Being Centre. I also want to express my gratitude to the new members who share our vision and values for the future of the business. The professional members at Dragonfly Well-Being Centre have helped create a cohesive team, where we benefit from social occasions, receive professional support, and enjoy each other’s company between meetings and sessions.

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Aspirations for 2024

For 2024, Dragonfly Well-Being aims to become better known in Plymouth, so that we can extend our services to more people. Our vision for Dragonfly Well-Being Centre has always been to create a welcoming and inclusive space, where people can access a wide range of wellness services under one roof. We are committed to expanding our facilities and providing our clients with the utmost comfort and relaxation.

One of our top priorities is to create an outdoor garden area that will serve as a peaceful oasis for our clients. We envision a lush, tranquil space where people can unwind and connect with nature.

In addition, we want to promote our conference room, which is a versatile and spacious area which can accommodate various events and activities. It would be an ideal venue for counselling charities and courses, as it provides a quiet and private setting, perfect for learning and growth.

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The Christmas Break

As the Christmas break approaches, it’s easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of the season, often neglecting our own well-being. Amid the holiday rush, pausing and prioritising our mental and emotional health becomes crucial. Reflecting on what truly brings us joy can make a significant difference in how we experience the holidays. These activities should take priority, whether it’s the simple pleasure of watching a movie, immersing ourselves in a good book, or dedicating time to a hobby.

Amidst the festivities, it’s equally important to surround ourselves with those who value and respect us. Connecting with supportive individuals can uplift our spirits and provide comfort during the sometimes overwhelming holiday season. Setting clear boundaries, even with well-meaning family members, is essential. Don’t be afraid to say no to commitments that may compromise your well-being.

Allowing ourselves to feel a range of emotions is also key. While Christmas is often associated with joy and celebration, it’s crucial to recognise that not everyone feels the same way. Your emotions are valid, even if they don’t align with the festive norm. If you find yourself struggling, know that support is available. Organisations like SamaritansCruse Bereavement Support, the National Domestic Abuse Helpline and Shout are ready to assist during the holidays.

This holiday season, make sure you prioritise your well-being. Taking these steps, no matter how small, can contribute to a more meaningful and balanced experience. Remember, your well-being matters, and by being kind to ourselves, we can truly embrace the season’s spirit.

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Dragonfly Well-Being Centre for the festive period.

The Dragonfly Well Being Centre will remain open during the festive period, except for the 24th to the 26th of December and the 31st to the 2nd. Please contact your professional to confirm their availability during this time. We will resume our regular schedule for appointments and enquiries on Tuesday, January 2nd, 2024. 

From everyone at The Dragonfly Well-Being Centre, We wish you a lovely holiday season, a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!