Answers to the most common FAQs for clients using our wellbeing services.

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Our Frequently Asked Questions

If you are a client / potential client and have further queries regarding specific therapies or about one of the professional therapists, please ask them directly using the contact details on their profile.

If you have queries regarding our private mental health and wellbeing centre prior to booking an appointment with one of our therapists, please see the answers to some questions we are asked by potential clients on a regular basis, below:

How do I pay for my session?

Each professional will have their own payment system, please contact them directly and enquire for more information.

Where can I park?

There is some free parking on the surrounding side roads from 10am.  There are also two free carparks at Napier Terrace and Mutley Barracks.

Opening hours?

This will be dependent on when your professional is working, the centre is open 6 days a week from 7 am until 9pm.

Can I sit in the waiting area if my family member is in the session?

Absolutely, we have made a comfortable and relaxing space with guest Wifi and fresh water.

Can I bring my dog?

Please speak with your professional, in terms of the building yes as long as they are well behaved and have been through therapy training or support training.

Can I vape or smoke in the building?

Unfortunately not.  You are welcome to smoke outside the building.  Your professional will check to see if you are outside before your session starts.

What is your cancellation policy?

This is dependent on each professional.  Please enquire with them.

What are your session costs?

Each professional will charge slightly differently.  Please contact them directly to find out what to expect.

How often do I need to attend sessions?

For most therapy it is either weekly or fortnightly.  This is something you can discuss with your professional to decide what is best for you going forwards.

Do I have the choice of having sessions online, rather than face to face?

This is down to both your choice, and what the professional offers.  Please enquire directly with them to find out more.

Do the therapists have the relevant qualifications?

Everyone who is working within Dragonfly Well-Being Centre has the relevant qualifications, is a member of a membership body, has been though a DBS check and has professional insurance. 

Our therapists in Plymouth are all professionals who are advertising and renting a space at Dragonfly Well-Being Centre.  They are self-employed professionals.  Please note: Therapists appear on the Dragonfly Well-Being Centre website with no endorsement of their professional status or competencies.  Despite this, we do our utmost to ensure their credentials are genuine.

Will there be a formal agreement in place?

There will be a formal agreement between you and your professional.  This will outline the framework of your work together, and will be a mutual agreement.  Please voice any concerns and needs you have with your professional.

Are the sessions confidential?

The sessions will be confidential, safe, respectful and in a non-judgemental space.  We do have cameras in the building, but they are there for the safety of our professionals and clients.  Each room has soundproof doors and walls.

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For Professionals Only

Should you have any questions regarding therapy room rentals or the Dragonfly Well-Being Centre building, please contact Elizabeth directly – by calling 07852 973959 or using the contact form on the contact page.  Thank you.