Faye Channing

Therapists Plymouth - Faye Channing - Dragonfly Wellbeing Centre

Wednesday evening & weekends

07775 122670

[email protected]


Therapies Offered

Transpersonal Therapy
Psychic Healing
Spiritual Guidance

Therapist Biography

Faye has been working in the psychic healing field for 15 years that has helped people internationally online and in person.

Faye woke up to her psychic gift naturally at a young age that has enabled her to learn holistic modalities organically and with further training. These tools have helped people’s healing journeys through readings, hands on healing, Transpersonal therapy, spiritual guidance and meditation.

Faye helps to shift energetic blockages in people’s lives, guides those who are transitioning onto a new path, gives spiritual guidance to those who are starting to connect to their spiritual selves, and also heal people’s energetic field.

Clients can expect a safe and confidential session in a relaxed space that is fully supported. There is no expectation on the reasons why you might need to book in with Faye at Sensory, but here are a few examples:

– feeling lost

– disconnection

– future guidance

– past memories impacting the present

– lack of energy in the body

– body aches or feeling fatigued

– spiritual awakenings

– self exploration

– energy check ins

– imposter syndrome

– guidance for business / personal projects

– childhood trauma 

If you have any questions or not sure what to book in for, you can contact Faye on [email protected] or message only on 07775 122670. All Transpersonal Therapy sessions require a free 30-minute consultation.