Lorraine Anderson

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As a relational therapist I offer a quiet sacred space for you to think, to breathe, to make sense of emotions and process past hurts, while moving forward into a renewed sense of self and personal growth.  I work by blending cognitive, sensory and creative approaches as interventions for managing stress and anxiety or for grief and loss or to change unhealthy relationships into healthy ones: supporting the mind and body’s natural healing processes. 

I offer therapeutic interventions beyond mind and body when or if needed.  Therapy offers a private and sacred space to think, feel and experience your true self.  It explores your needs and processes feelings as they arise and from this comes a new clarity of awareness.  I sometimes think of it as coming out of the dark woods and into the light. This transforming of the self takes place at first within the therapeutic relationship.  Being listened to unfolds a discovery of new insights, which activates the development of inner strength, resilience, resolve, and purpose, as it gradually releases you from the felt wounds you have been carrying, such as, anger, confusion, sadness, grief, regret or loss.  People come to therapy for many reasons: To be alleviated of distress, regain a sense of control, to become more self aware and of other peoples motives.  To connect with their feelings.  To make sense of the past so that the present can be lived more fully.  To overcome certain emotions such as fear and people-pleasing.  I can help with all of this and more. 

I offer a sensitive, unhurried, caring and supportive professional relationship which puts compassion first.  Symptoms want to be acknowledged, therefore feelings will continue to trouble you until they are heard.  Working with Psychotherapeutic support, with a trained professional, who will hold you safely and non-judgmentally.