Moya Bradbee-Cox

Therapists Plymouth - Moya Bradbee-Cox - Dragonfly Wellbeing Centre

Every Thursday 11 am – 7pm

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Therapies Offered

Biodyanmic Craniosacral Therapy
Holistic Massage Therapy

Therapist Biography

I am Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy (BCST) practitioner and Massage Therapist. I live in Cornwall just across the Tamar from Plymouth having moved back home after many years away. Alongside my holistic health work, I used to be a Social Worker both within the NHS with an independent practice gaining over 30 years’ experience in healthcare. I specialised in neuro diversity working with children, adults and their families. I discovered BCST when I was experiencing significant pain and chronic stress.

Being supported through regular sessions was extremely powerful, significantly reducing my pain, stress levels and mental wellbeing and significantly increasing my ability to manage. I found treatment changed me deeply on many levels, healing long term trauma held in my system, supporting me to develop resource in my life on many levels. This experience motivated me to complete BCST training so that I could help others. I was fortunate enough to receive my training under the guidance of Franklyn Sills, a world leader in the biodynamic approach, at the Karuna Institute. I am passionate about Craniosacral Biodynamics and never cease to be amazed about the profound impact it can have on all of us.

I have supported many people to improve all aspects of their health and wellbeing and have undertaken post graduate study in Trauma. I have a particular interest in supporting people with fatigue, headaches, anxiety, trauma, auto immune conditions, stress, low mood, cancer, menopause, burnout, grief and
and pre and post-surgery.

All of our experiences are stored in our body and this gentle light touch treatment has the ability to support us to clear what we no longer need. Whatever your symptoms or needs my goal is to work with you to feel good, achieve your inherent potential and maintain optimum health.

Description of Therapy

Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy is a gentle body and mind therapy which combines mindfulness skills and a deep understanding of the body. Using a light and non-invasive touch it works with the natural rhythms of the body, enabling the body’s ability to heal itself. Therefore, it is suitable for everyone from new born babies to the elderly.

The gentle Craniosacral work I offer supports the body and mind to heal deeply and restore physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. It can be very effective in alleviating symptoms of chronic and complex long-term conditions such as chronic fatigue, trauma, auto immune conditions, cancer, pain, stress and associated emotional and psychological states. It can also be a highly effective treatment to maintain optimum health and wellbeing as well as less complicated issues.

People find the therapy deeply relaxing, often ending a session feeling balanced and whole with a sense of ease and renewed energy.