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Pete Luce is Plymouth’s longest established hypnotherapist, having provided hypnotherapy and psychotherapy in this area since 1993.

Previous to being a hypnotherapist Pete had a successful career in mental health nursing which began in 1980.  As a mental health nurse he worked with acutely-ill patients in various London hospitals, including a psychiatric intensive care unit.  Later as a community psychiatric nurse he worked in a crisis intervention service and an open-access counselling service serving London’s biggest council estate.  These were among the first such services to be provided by the NHS.

As a counsellor/psychotherapist Pete has worked at Plymouth Mind, several Employee Assistance Providers, and Plymouth Art College.  He now works entirely in private practice. Pete’s main interest is in helping clients to overcome all kinds of excessive fear and anxiety such as phobias, but he has

also helped with a very wide range of other problems, including the long-term support of clients diagnosed with “personality disorders.”

Pete originally trained with the National College, Britain’s oldest hypnotherapy institute.  He has done further training with the Milton Erickson Foundation, Mindfields College, Arcana Therapies, and the Ironmill Institute.  He obtained his counselling diploma from Cornwall College and his psychology degree from the University of Plymouth. Pete tailors his therapy to the specific needs of every client, because no two people are alike.  He never reads from a script, and can use slow or rapid inductions, deep or light trance, visual or non-visual imagery, depending on the needs of the client.  Pete’s approach is focused on the here and now, helping his clients to discover their own strengths, rather than dwelling on the past.  Due to his long previous experience in Inner London Pete has experience in helping people from many faiths and ethnic backgrounds.  He has a positive attitude to all expressions of adult sexuality so long as they are consensual and risk-aware.