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I offer a person-centred, naturopathic approach to healing focused on addressing the root causes of an ailment and not just the symptoms.

I believe conventional treatments often fail because they solely focus on masking symptoms while the root cause of the health issue persists. For long lasting recovery the root causes of an illness need to be removed.

Naturopathic approach recognises that the body has the intelligent inner healing power which enable the body to heal itself … think about it! When you catch a cold you do not need to instruct your immune system to find a virus and eliminate it – it simply does it on its own!

My goal and wish is to remind you what you already know – that the body can heal itself if you only give it time and provide with proper nutrition, hydration and rest!

During our 1-2 hour consultation we will look closely at your diet and lifestyle focusing on identifying root causes of your health problem. I will explain to you how different dietary and lifestyle factors may influence your physical and mental health so you know WHY you are experiencing your problems. Then, together, we will make a feasible plan involving dietary changes, lifestyle modifications and supplemental support which may help your body to get back on track to health.

After the consultation you will receive a written report which will explain root causes of your condition, my recommendations and a simple menu plan so you can refer to it whenever you want to.

I offer a free follow-up consultation after 4-6 weeks to review your progress.

I am a qualified Naturopathic Nutrition Advisor (Dip N.Adv), Nutritional Therapist (Dip NT; HND) and a Master Herbalist (Dip Master Herbalist, CMA).

My professional interests include perimenopause, menopause and digestive health.