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Therapies Offered

Integrative therapy to adults

Therapist Biography

If you are reading this, I expect you are seeking help and support with something. 

Maybe you are wanting help finding answers, guidance or some direction in your life. I understand that reaching out can be scary, especially if you have never had counselling before or don’t know where to start so well done on taking that first step.

I believe that you have within you all you need to thrive but sometimes finding answers you need to make changes can be difficult if you do not know where to look, so together we will move at a pace that you are comfortable with and begin to explore what has brought you to counselling and what you hope to achieve during our time together.

Therapy Description

Using an integrative approach, I can help you to navigate life’s challenges, make sense of events and begin to build healthy strategies to best support your wants and needs throughout our time together and beyond. I work holistically to help you gain clarity and understanding in the hope this will enable you to find the answers you seek. 

My approach includes working with metaphors, helping you understand how to regulate your breathing and your nervous system and guided imagery as well as exploring thought patterns and offering psychoeducation, these are just some of the ways my clients have been supported with issues including anxiety, depression, life altering medical diagnosis and those who have experienced complex trauma, domestic violence and sexual abuse.