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Are You Looking for a Therapist in Plymouth?

These days, many people turn to therapy or counselling to help with the challenges of life.  Years ago, there was a stigma around therapy.  Luckily, times have changed, and it is now widely recognised that talking about your worries or difficulties is extremely important.  It can play a big part in relieving any anxiety or depression you may be experiencing, and can help you to see things more clearly, from a different perspective.  There are other avenues such as support groups, to be explored as part of your therapy, and your counsellor/therapist can point you in the right direction if they think these may be beneficial to you.

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Talking Therapy

Talking therapy is generally aimed at mental health issues or any behaviour patterns which may be causing a problem in your life.  These issues could stem from both historical experiences and/or a current situation.  Although you may be surrounded by family and friends, it is sometimes hard to admit that you are having struggles to someone close.  Having the chance to talk things through in complete confidentiality with a trained counsellor/therapist who is completely neutral, and trained to listen and give advice, gives people a safe space to offload and receive some much-needed help.  For people who may be alone, with no family or friends to turn to, it can make them feel wanted, knowing there is someone who will listen to their inner thoughts and help them with their issues.

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Holistic Therapy

Holistic therapy helps to provide healthcare, without the requirement for medicinal drugs, and is a time-honoured practice, which has been used for 100’s of years.  Rather than treating symptoms, holistic therapy helps with positive health and healing, dealing with any underlying issues which may be having a negative impact on your health, using a naturalistic approach. 

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How Dragonfly Well-Being Can Help

Dragonfly Well-Being Centre is a private mental health and wellbeing centre in Plymouth, where you can access therapists and counsellors to suit your requirements.  We offer several different types of therapy currently, and are building on our offerings on an ongoing basis, including Counselling & Psychotherapy; Hypnotherapy; Child & Young People Therapy; Systemic Family Work; Mindfulness; EMDR; Dramatherapy; Audiology; Physiotherapy; Psychic Healing; Reiki; Yoga, and Transpersonal Therapy.

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How to Book a Therapist in Plymouth

If you are looking for a therapist/counsellor in Plymouth, head to either Talking Therapy or Holistic Therapy on the website, and you will find a list of therapies offered within those categories.  Each will have a brief description of what the particular therapy entails.  There are often several therapists/counsellor who offer similar services.  Scroll down the list of therapists available for your chosen therapy and select ‘view profile’ to read more about them.  Once you have decided which suits your needs, or you think you would be most comfortable with, contact them directly, using the details given on their individual profile.

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Therapy Rooms for Hire

If you are a therapist and would like to become a part of the Dragonfly Well-Being Centre community, please contact Elizabeth Firman to discuss your requirements, prices, and to arrange a visit to the premises.  For those who are already part of the community, an online booking system is available.