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Hi, I’m Hassi. I’m a registered Health Professional and I’d love to find out more about you – so please get in touch for a free consultation. My therapeutic practise starts with talking and then is forward thinking, and practical. I appreciate that you are unique in what matters to you, and how you feel, and what you do (or don’t do). I offer sessions that build confidence and coping, and inspire and motivate actions that will help you feel better. But we will work at a pace that suits you, and I can do things alongside you if that helps.

If your mood, worries, or dissatisfaction are making it hard to cope, I can help. If you are finding it hard to function and do things that you need or want to do, or if you have noticed significant changes in your sleeping, eating or energy levels habits, I can help. If you are feeling overwhelmed, tired, unmotivated, like you can’t concentrate, or have little direction, feel hopeless, or withdrawn, disconnected and/or like you don’t belong, I can help with that.

I use whole-person, action-based therapy that will help you feel better. We can talk, or we can do things together, or you can do them and we can reflect together to make it better next time. I have worked with a wide range of people successfully; from helping one person just get up and dressed in the mornings, helping another chap re-find his value after illness and retirement, helping someone else find themselves when their mental health had taken over their life, and helping another lady find the courage to travel to see her first grandchild.

I have a background in the NHS working with adults and older adults in physical and mental health inpatient and community settings. You might feel unwell as a result of your thinking or emotions, you might have a diagnosed mental health condition. You might have physical health needs, mobility challenges, and/or long term health conditions that must be managed. You might have complex, hidden, and/or divergent needs. I understand these bring unique features in how you do activities. I can support you to live life your way – and feel better. If we work together over a period of time, you can develop better life satisfaction and mood; better self esteem, confidence, motivation, and/or resilience; and/or a clearer sense of identity and purpose.

I practise Occupational Therapy, which is all about ‘doing’ things – because if activities (either everyday or special occasion) matter to you, doing them WILL improve your wellbeing. My approach is person-centred, drawing on the work of Carl Rogers, and Abraham Maslow, with the therapeutic relationship key. This also means I am a great listener and can put myself in your shoes. I believe that health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being so I value a holistic view of you, where I can appreciate you, your needs, and your circumstances, and I believe that repair and growth comes from building on strengths. Sometimes there are limits to what can be done independently and here I can compensate and adapt tasks to you as needed.

I also am also an academic in Psychology and influenced by behaviour change approaches which understands the role of conditioning, association, learning, and the environment on what we do, and this knowledge can be very powerful when someone wants to make changes. My Doctorate was in cognitive psychology so I also have a good understanding in how people think, learn, and remember, and how they solve problems and make decisions, and this can help explain why some thoughts turn into behaviours, and others don’t.

I work differently with everyone, but I work with the present, as it now is. Broadly, I use techniques like psychoeducation, and compassionate mind training to help build self awareness. We will use the activities you like or need to do that energise, ground or settle you so you experience positive and/or nurturing emotions more often. You will build new rituals, routines and/or habits that work for you, letting you move forwards into your future.

I work with individuals and groups, virtually and face to face – and you can see a full biography, sessions, and prices on my website. There you will also find our range of interactive workshops that harness the power of groups and social interaction with discussions and idea sharing. Our next session is about sleeping well. A good night’s sleep is the best therapy for your whole body, mind and emotional resilience, and is completely free! I hope to see you there. Plus, group sessions are much less expensive than one-to-one time.

I am the director of a not-for-profit and we offer free weekly social sessions, and there are always discounts on 1-to-1 therapy to those on benefits, with lower incomes, NHS workers, students and those working in education, and those working for not for profits or charities. I require payment in advance when you book, but if you cancel over 48 hours before an appointment, I provide a full refund. I comply with all Health and Care Professionals Council regulations, those of our Royal College of Occupational Therapists, and those the Office of the Regulator of Community Interest Companies, and so you can be confident in my standards of conduct, performance, and ethics. I hope to meet you soon.